Harness the power of IoT-Connected Test and Automation!

Connect Machines: Electrical Controls, Sensors, Actuators and Software built from the ground up with connectivity, security and scalability in mind!

Empower People: HMI, Pick-to-light, Build-to-light, Ergonomics, Work Instructions and Safety over all!

Accelerate The Enterprise: Connect your most valuable assets ...Machines and Workers ... to the enterprise with Dynamic BOMs, ERP-Integration, Operational Analytics and Unified Collaboration.

Success 18 years of delivering innovative technological solutions to global customers.

IoT-connected machines

The Autrx {Sand}Box offers a plug-n-play hardware and software solution for automating machines, providing human workflow instructions, collecting manufacturing information and analyzing critical-to-quality metrics. We deliver the qaulity, maintainability, safety and competitive pricing that you expect. Plus, features that will be difficult to find anywhere else.

  • Open-source tools for creating highly interactive human workflow driven by potentially complex BOM
  • Highly scalable PC or Cloud database solutions for data storage
  • Unified collaboration maximizing the productivity of your machines and operators within the enterprise
  • Scale and Synchronization from Operator-to-Operator, Cell-to-Cell, Line-to-Line and Plant-to-Plant.
  • Security Solution on top of legacy controls that do not deploy security solutions.
  • Built-in tracability step-to-step and run-to-run.
  • IA-based machine learning for operational characteristics and error modes.

IoT is expected to have an enourmous impact

  • By 2030, 500 billion devices and objects will be connected to the Internet. - CISCO.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can add potential growth of US $14.2 trillion to the global economy - ACCENTURE
  • 507.5 zettabytes (ZB) of data per year (42.3 ZB per month) by 2019 - DELOITTE
  • Europe dominates the IoT (29% of things) soon to be overtaken by China (27%) - GSMA

Autrx IoT Machine Solution

The Internet of Things is the concept of a globally connected network of people, machines, sensors, internet applications and databases. Advantages of Autrx IoT connected machines include:

  • Highly Scalable - to millions of connected devices.
  • Highly Availability- 99.999% uptime maintained by dedicated infrastructure and support
  • Global Accessibility - connect though a multitude of devices anywhere the internet is accessible
  • Easy to maintain - update millions of users instantly through continous cloud-based integration.
  • Built for Security - created from the ground up the most stringent encryption and authentication technologies.

Turn-key, Custom Industrial Automation

We can solve the tough problems with innovative custom solutions

  • Mechanical Design- Innovative Mechanisms, Tools, Fixtures, Enclosures and Complete Systems.
  • Controls Design- Electrical and Pneumatic Control Design, PLC/HMI programming
  • Software Design - Full spectrum software development from embedded machine code to enterprise cloud applications
  • High Voltage / Current / RF - microVolts to kiloVolts, picoCoulombs, nanoAmps to kiloAmps, sub-Hz to teraHertz.
  • Optics / Laser / Machine Vision - IR/Vis/UV optics systems / Solidstate Lasers / Custom machine vision application where COTS will not work.