VISION!: We look for disruptive solutions that offer our customers opportunities for "ten times" improvements.

TEAMWORK!: Our resources work with our customers focused on the goal of customer success.

DEDICATION!: We have been serving our customers for two decades always striving for responsiveness and quality service.

System Integration

Autrx is our brand of IoT-connected automation equipment. Industrial Internet of Things technology is deployed for Automation of Human and Machine workflow. ...IoT connected automation and test

Research and Development

We focus on disruptive innovations to problems on a global scale and strive to meet the needs of our planet with scalable and sustainable technology and business solutions. ...Disruptive Research

Forging Solutions

20 years of delivering innovative technological solutions to global customers has forged a plethora of product lines focused on key disruptive market opportunities that are expected transform life, business and the global economy. BIT is a technology R&D incubator with a focus on creating disruptive business opportunities. BIT develops methods that carry these business opportunities past the tech crunch and through to acquisition using the deployment of proven systems and processes. ...Disruptive Product Startups